Questions to Ask a Plastic Surgeon


Are you unhappy with the way a part of your body looks? If this is the case, you should seek out the services of a skilled plastic surgeon. This is a person who will be able to fix the problem and make you look better. This will help to improve your confidence. You should never make an appointment with a plastic surgeon until you look into his or her background. This is very important because not all of these people will be the same. Some will be much more skilled than others. Here are a few of the questions that you should pose to plastic surgeons.

  1. How long have you been performing plastic surgery?

You will need to learn the level of experience that your surgeon has. You should not allow a surgeon to operate on you if he has only been working for a couple of years. Ideally, you should be looking for a plastic surgeon who has been practicing for at least five years.

  1. What is your rating with the Better Business Bureau?

You can rely on the BBB to give you honest and accurate info on all of the plastic surgeons that practice in your area. You should read all of the info that they provide to you. This will make it much easier for you to make your decision. You should also pay very close attention to the rating that each surgeon is given by the BBB. You should be able to get the names of many skilled people who perform facial plastic surgery Raleigh NC.

  1. How many surgeries like mine have you performed?

There are dozens of different plastic surgery procedures. Surgeons will have certain ones that they specialize in. Therefore, it is crucial that you go to a surgeon who is an expert regarding the specific procedure that you need. You should find a surgeon who has performed at least 100 successful procedures. This will help to ensure that the surgeon will not make any mistakes. You should also ask the surgeon to show you before and after pics of his previous patients.


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