Reminders for Loved Ones


Sometimes the message we are trying to send doesn’t come from our words but from our hearts. If you want to send someone you love a positive message but are afraid that they will take it the wrong way, try a token or charm. Every time they look at it they will remember you — and hopefully whatever you were trying to tell them!

Drive Safely

Your child is a speed demon. You know this, they know this, your insurance company knows this. If you are worried about them going too fast but don’t want to nag, buy them a sterling silver guardian angel ring. Give a sweet note explaining that you know there’s an angel with them, but that you want them to remember that the angel will only take them so far; the rest is up to them.

Do the Right Thing

Buy a customized engraved wallet card for the person you worry about making unsafe choices. Put something meaningful or profound: A favorite quote, a Bible verse, etc. Let it serve as a non-verbal reminder that you love and care for this person and that you want the best for them.

I Love You

The best thing about telling someone you love them is that it doesn’t have to be in those three words. There are dozens of reminders that you can give to someone to show that you love them. Some of these might include a special necklace or piece of jewelry, a framed photograph of a memory or a custom keychain or memento with a specific date or quote on it. Love comes in all languages, spell it out your way.

Everybody worries about their loved ones and wants to remind them that they worry because they care. Show your friend or relative that you love them and want to remind them always to be safe by giving them a token.


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