Running to Lose Weight: How to Choose the Perfect Shoe


There are a number of benefits that running brings, from better mental health to an improved sense of self. One of the primary reasons why a number of runners begin partaking in this activity is because they want to lose weight. But if you are overweight and are planning on running, there are a few things you should know. In this post, we will explore how you can lose weight while running and why the shoes that you tie to your feet will play an important role in your weight loss journey.

The First Step Is to Change Your Diet

You have undoubtedly heard this time and time again, but it will continue to remain true even while you run. Food is our body’s fuel source. Unless the right foods are chosen, our bodies will not be able to lose the weight and build the muscle mass necessary for a more defined and sculpted body. Being a bit more conscientious about your food choices will also give your body more energy, meaning that you can run further, longer, and harder.

How Running Burns Calories

Running is fun yet it is an incredibly intense calorie-burning activity. Whether you hit the treadmill or the track, when you run, you are constantly contracting and then releasing muscles throughout your whole body. This causes your body to consume calories (which are essentially energy) so that it has enough power to get through the workout.

  • It has been estimated that running one mile will burn an extra 150 calories for a normal sized person. Typically the larger you are, the more calories you will burn during your workout.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Goals

Understandably, those who are overweight are afraid of injury. After all, with every extra pound of weight on our body, that much more force and pressure is being applied to our joints and bones. The good news is that with the right shoe, even the heaviest of runners can remain injury-free as long as he or she listens to what their body is telling them and works out under the guidance of their physician or a personal trainer.

Getting Started

Buying trainers online is the best way to get the best deal, but before you buy any shoe online, you should try it on in person. Start your search for the right shoe by visiting your local running speciality store. Speak to the staff and share your concerns about getting started on your weight loss journey, what injuries you may have suffered from in the past and which you are afraid of enduring now. The staff should be helpful and knowledgeable, and will be able to direct you to a number of different trainers that will be appropriate for your weight loss and running goals.

Looking for the Right Shoe

Before trying on a shoe, the salesperson will likely want to get a better look at your feet. He or she may ask you to walk to get a better understanding of your gait and what your foot type is.

  • If your feet have high arches, the salesperson will likely direct you to what are known as “neutral” shoes. These will help support your arches and will prevent injuries, such as plantar fasciitis.
  • If you have a lower arch and tend to over pronate or roll in medially, you will likely be introduced to a number of shoes offering greater stability than a neutral shoe.
  • If you have flat feet, a motion control trainer with maximum arch support will be your best option.

Regardless of your foot type, you will want to select a shoe with superior cushioning. This is particularly important for those who are overweight as this cushioning will be able to absorb the shock of your foot strike.

Testing Out the Shoe

Before buying the shoe, try it out! Most shops which specialise in selling trainers will have a treadmill available for you to use. Take the shoes for a test run and see if the shoe feels natural, comfortable, and is able to absorb shock. The trainer should not feel clunky or heavy while you run. If you find yourself torn between more than one pair, try wearing one shoe on your left foot and another style of shoe on the right.

  • Keep in mind that as an overweight runner, the lightest trainer, such as a racing flat will likely not be the right fit for you. It has been estimated that every foot strike is up to three times your body weight when it comes to the impact you are putting on your body. If you are a 300-pound person, you are putting 900 pounds of force on your body per foot strike. Find a balance between maximum cushioning and the weight of the shoe to keep yourself free from injury.

Buying the Right Shoe

As you perused your options at the shoe store, you were likely taken aback by some of the prices for these top-of-the-line shoes. This is why savvy shoppers will venture online to find cheap trainers. Despite being manufactured by the best brands in the business, because of the lack of overhead expenses, these online companies are able to sell trainers to runners like yourself for a significantly lower cost than your local shoe store.

Before You Hit the Road

In order to be successful in your weight loss journey, surround yourself with the support you will need to stay motivated and stay healthy. Work closely with your physician on your weight loss goals, and consider joining a running or jogging group (the local shoe store you visit will likely be able to provide you with further information on a group near you). Many individuals who are running to lose weight have also joined online support groups where they regularly share tips, ideas, and strategies to get the most out of your run.


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