Short prom dresses are in vogue and make a great impression – Know why


Prom happens, no matter you love it or hate it. Whether you eagerly wait all year long to attend a prom or wish in planning an anti-prom party, you will definitely need an amazing dress. In the current age, there is a key trend which is making a noteworthy impression with regards to the prom scene and it is none other than short dresses. The majority of the girls is choosing short over long and formal gowns for the prom. Full-length dress and gowns no longer remain the preferred ensemble for prom. This has indeed paved the way for short prom dresses which has turned into a personal favorite because of its notable benefits. The good news is, no matter the body size, shape or type there is a beautiful dress for all. The key is in understanding which dress will work on which body type and how it will highlight the positive features and hide the negatives.

A close look at some of the benefits of choosing a short dress for a prom night

  • A girl can wear it in any occasion
  • It is easy and comfortable to move around as it is lightweight
  • It will help a girl to spend less money on the dress and save the rest on accessories like footwear, purse, jewelry and hair accessories for highlighting her outfit
  • A girl can show off her legs and her smart footwear
  • It is versatile and staggeringly attractive and will offer the wearer extra solace
  • It will offer the wearer a trendy look
  • It will reflect the wearer’s personality and give her an elegant and modest look
  • A short prom dress is always a hit. It comes in assorted styles and colors featuring gemstones, jewel sweetheart necklines, satin bows, studs, lace details amid others. This way every woman can get a dress which suits her taste and personality

A glance at the different types of short dresses available exclusively for the prom night

Today short dresses exclusively designed for the prom night are available in plenty so a girl should choose it with time and patience. Below is a list of the 5 best short dresses,

  • Princess Dress- The princess or A-line dress is just perfect both for full figured and slim girls alike. It flares out towards the hemline and is narrow towards the waist
  • Chiffon and lace covered dress- this is a personal favorite amid teenagers and will suit almost any figure.
  • Babydoll and one-shoulder prom dress- these dresses are extremely flattering and will fit the different body types. It is elegant and feminine
  • Halter and sleeveless dresses- this is the right choice for girls having a slim figure. It reveals the back and the shoulders and can be teamed with a jacket if one wishes to.
  • Cocktail dresses- Cocktail dresses are the ultimate choice for a prom night. The best part is it comes in different sizes and shapes and in different color combinations and exotic prints that will please the eyes

When it comes to color, every girl should choose one that flatters her eye color and skin tone as only then she can stand out confidently on the prom night. A prom night is her chance to shine hence she should select the right dress that will turn everyone’s head as she steps into the room. The bottom line is trying something new in the short dress category and try at having fun with the latest fashion. Experience innovative looks and push away the limits of the prom wardrobe. The last and the most important fact is to plan everything much ahead of time to keep away from any form of disappointment and make it a dream come true moment. Good Luck!!!

About the Author– In this article, Annie Campbell has explained in detail the good reasons on why short prom dresses are in vogue and make a great impression. It also highlights on the different styles of short dresses available and some of the benefits of wearing a short dress on a prom night


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