Six Steps to a Healthy Scalp


Most people prefer that their hair be nice and thick but in order to get perfect hair, you need a scalp that is healthy. If your scalp itches a lot or if it is tender much of the time, making it healthier and stronger should be your main area of concentration. Once your scalp is healthy, your hair will be too, but it all starts with your scalp.

How to Make Your Scalp Healthier

  1. Increase your intake of protein and certain vitamins. Many vitamins and minerals, most notably E, B, C, iron, and Omega-3, can make your scalp firmer and healthier, which in turn affects the strength and overall look of your hair.
  2. Watch your testosterone level. Women who have too much testosterone can have hair that is weak and thin but the good news is that adding the birth control pill to your life can level out your hormones and provide you with a strong, healthy scalp and hair.
  3. Watch what you eat. Certain vitamins and minerals such as fish oils and protein can strengthen the scalp and therefore should be consumed regularly.
  4. Exfoliate your scalp. Just as the rest of your skin, your scalp needs exfoliation as well so a good exfoliator should be used regularly on your scalp. If you don’t want to buy a separate exfoliator, simply add a few teaspoons of sugar to your shampoo and massage into your scalp with the tips of your fingers. Also, make sure you rinse all of this out completely.
  5. If your hair tingles when you get it dyed, you should take this as a sign that your scalp needs improvement. Tingling indicates dryness, which could lead to dandruff and even hair loss if not taken care of immediately.
  6. Always use a conditioner when you wash your hair. Regardless of the current condition of your hair, a conditioner will keep your scalp healthier in the long run so it should be used regularly every time you shampoo.

Of course, once your scalp is healthy, it still may take time for your hair to look its best but if you use Brazilian hair or other extensions while your hair is growing out, that period of waiting for your hair to improve is a lot less painful to handle. Hair extensions these days are often made with natural hair so wearing them presents an all-natural look that few people will know isn’t real.

Do Your Due Diligence

Doing research is always the best recommendation when you want better hair and a healthier scalp. Whether you choose hair extensions, a wig, or any other type of hair treatment, you want it to look natural and the only way to make sure you get that is to do your research. Most research starts online where there is a bevy of information on everything related to your hair and scalp, meaning that getting healthy and beautiful hair can happen sooner rather than later. This, after all, is something that we all want at the end of the day.



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