Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Designer Collection with Swarovski Crystals from Belinda Jewelz


If you are looking for a jewel with clean and elegant lines, easy to wear at any time of the day, then we will recommend you to take a look at Belinda Jewelz collection on their website .

This collection is entirely handmade in Sterling Silver with details in 14K Gold and embellished with Swarovski crystals.

The jewels in this collection are characterized by simple, basic geometric shapes, embroidered precious plots of pendants, earrings and rings, where the different chiseled processes alternate symmetrically. Circles, ovals, curves and braids alternate in these jewels to express the beauty that dwells in simple things.

The idea is to be able to match the jewels with each other, creating parure to enjoy on any occasion. The earrings that you can find in this collection are pendants, rings and earrings, characterized by curved lines that intertwine with the details in 14K Gold, made even brighter thanks to Swarovski crystal inserts.

Seven different earrings’ models to wear during your days and special evening happenings, that’ll stand out your face.

The rings have different band widths and can be worn on any finger of the hand, can be combined with each other and thanks to their versatility will also accompany the rings to which you are most cherished. To complete this beautiful Sterling Silver collection you will find a precious and elegant pendant, which can highlight the neckline of your every dress or blouse and easy to wear even with a simple T-shirt.

This unique silver jewelry can be worn on any occasion, whether you want to feel precious for a special occasion, or to give a glamorous touch to your daily outfit. The 14K Gold details add a contemporary touch to the line of these timeless jewels and Swarovski crystals give a thousand and one reflections of light, for a precious prêt-à-porter.


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