Stilettos Gone, Comfy Shoes are on


Still scrolling the list of your online shopping app for some stylishshoes? Oh wait, you are checking out the Jimmy Choo stilettos. You might need an upgrade in footwear fashion. Yes, gone are the days of stilettos and high heels. Recent surveys have revealed that more number of women have opted to buy comfortable and sporty wear over the heels. Some might challenge us for our comments. It is not only us, but the U.K.’s DailyMail has also got a similar say on this. They have taken opinions and confirmations from senior fashion analysts from leading fashion brands.

The reason for this is a subtle change in the fashion trends, where leggings and Lycra tops have taken the spotlight away from the non-trainers like jumpsuits, skirts and jeans, is that most of the fashion icons like Mrs. Beckham have switched.

Here are some stats that prove the change in the fashion statements of the new era women:

  • Overall more than 4 percent women bought trainers than the classy heels.
  • The women in the age group of 35 to 48 preferred the trainers 11% more than the preference of overall women.

We had smelled this trend coming in past half decade when, the sports brands like Adidas, Reebok and Nike started manufacturing sexy and stylish training wear. Another reason for this change might be attributed to the women listening to their comfort instincts. Since, most women work in offices and manage tight daily schedules, it becomes important for them to be comfortable and are more efficient at what they are doing.

The trainers are comparatively cheaper compared to their counterparts. This allows your pocket to relax a bit. This is a boon for working girls and women.The thrilling fact is that out of all the women who preferred flat shoes, most women didn’t intend to use them for fitness or training purposes. Then, what might be the reason for buying them? Obviously comfort, affordability and change in fashion.We are sure that the sportswear and allied industry leaders are biting their nails to think about the ways to exploit this market. Newer and more comfortable flats have flooded the market with stylish and exotic designs. How could we forget the designers who have been rattling their brains to give a sexy look to the feet of their customers?

Informal fashion in form of flat shoes has led to use of similar kinds of footwear at multiple locations and for various occasions. So, you can straight away head from your office to a friend’s party without having the worry to change your shoes.

On the contrary, this trend has, to some extent, endangeredthe elegance of women’s wear. But even the flats have a capability to provide an elegant look. We must admit that whatever might be the change in the trend, the stilettos provide a sexier look and make a women get even more killing looks for their feet.


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