Storytime: My Nose Job


Many people frown upon plastic surgery because they believe we are ruining the natural order by going under the knife. We are taught from a very young age that plastic surgery is something that shouldn’t be done and that it is completely fake and unnatural. I grew up with such thoughts shoved inside my head from all sides: my family, friends of my family, social media, TV, etc. However, what I couldn’t predict is that one day I will change my mind about plastic surgery because of my own issues.

When I decided to get my nose done, about two years ago, I felt like I was doing something wrong. Even though I wanted to help myself feel better, I couldn’t shake the feeling of shame and disappointment. I blame that feeling on the people who depict plastic surgery as something vain and shameful. Those people probably don’t understand why the vast majority of other people actually decide to go under the knife. That’s why I want to share my story about rhinoplasty and how it changed my life.

Making the decision

I grew up in a rather small family in Sydney and we have a family trait – an unusually shaped nose. Before I hit the puberty I didn’t even think about it, but as soon as I turned 12 I started going through many changes. Just like with any other girl, my body started to change significantly and my nose started to get the “family shape”. It consumed my thoughts and I was overwhelmed by its appearance. It wasn’t that big, but it dropped low and had a bump in the middle. I didn’t like it at all and I wanted to change it for almost ten years. When I turned 21, the situation got worse. I started going out but I always hid from the camera because my profile was hideous. My mother started to understand me so we dug around the Internet together and read many stories about rhinoplasty. That’s when she decided to help me and she started looking for some specialists in Sydney. After a few months she came home from work with some marvelous news. She said that the professionals from Rhinoplasty Sydney are ready to meet me and resolve all my issues!

Under the knife

After plenty of consultations with my doctor and several “nose options” we’ve managed to come to an agreement and schedule my operation. While I was lying on the table waiting to go under the knife I was terrified. However, as soon as I was put under the anesthesia, the fear was gone. I woke up several hours later all swollen and in minor pains. However, the optimism and great results kept me going.

Couple of weeks have passed and I was still swollen but I knew everything will be gone soon and my beautiful new nose will be revealed. I was right! When I took the first look at my nose I started crying with joy. The hideous horse-like face was gone and I finally gained back my confidence! It literally changed my life. I was no more afraid of taking photos with my friends and family and the big smile was back on my face. I ditched the constant tiring self-awareness and I could finally be my true self.

This was the biggest decision of my life and I am glad I made it. It was scary and it did feel wrong at the beginning, but once I saw the results the stigma was gone. I don’t want to persuade people to opt for plastic surgery for the fun of it. Do it only if you feel bad about yourself and if you truly believe it can change your entire life.


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