Street Styles That Are Likely To Be Popular In 2017


Street style is possibly going to be the hottest trend in menswear in spring/summer 2017 going by the runway collections unveiled recently in the fashion capitals of the world; London, Milan, and Paris. The audience was treated to a really livelystreet style with vibrant hues, pieces inspired by childhood memories as well as a few conventional staples. Some fashion trends for men that should be really abuzz in 2017:


Boyishly brilliant, bandanas are perhaps one of the street styles that are very simple to pull off by everybody. The real attraction is that you don’t need to go overboard with fabrics and textures; the traditional brilliantly-colored bandana is the perfect accessory to give your urban silhouettes a simple twist and wearers can emerge as stylishly playful. Even for those who are hesitant to introduce brilliant color schemes into their wardrobes, bandanas represent a wonderful opportunity to include a splash of color into otherwise sober apparel. However, tying the knot neatly is vital to the entire act.

Revival of the 70s

Going by what was unveiled during the Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Week street style will witness a throwback to one of the most evocative decades – the 70s. Of the many inspirations that this decade has always given designers, this time it is the street style’s rich color palette that has acted as the catalyst. One was wowed with outfits that sported luxurious Bordeaux or even a rusty brown color as their focal points. Similarly, one could not but help being impressed with loose-fitting trousers in amber oranges or subdued tans. In a startling, yet pleasing way, some designers also introduced fabrics like velvet and suede in their street style presentations. As rightly observed, vital to making this trend a success is finding the pieces that not only are representative of the seventies but also complement your skin tone and features. By the way, don’t go overboard and pull on bell-bottoms that were once the rage.

Pyjama Inspirations

Everybody in the world loves pyjamas but hardly as a fashion statement. However, it is this same yawn-inducing apparel that many designers have selected to give a twist and transform it from boring sleepwear to casually chic everyday outfits. Stripes in baby blue on a warm beige background created a stir on the catwalks as did plaids and striped pieces in pastels. You can pair a loose-fit light blue chambray shirt or even a striped shirt in linen with the pyjamas, and if you want to embrace the orient, try teaming it up with a casual half-sleeve Indian kurta in earthy tones.

Strike with White

While most people tend to view street style as being essentially a way of expressing themselves colorfully, one bold way of adopting street fashion is to go all white from head to toe. Most of the folks going this route chose to adopt silhouettes that were really elaborate and generally inspired by the orient. However, a simpler method could be to channel some of the key elements of this style for your weekend outfits, such as pairing a white T-shirt with white jeans while taking care to lift it out of the ordinary by including a brightly-colored baseball cap or even a pair of sunglasses. To make the style more relaxed, you can consider rolling up your jeans and wear casual slip-on footwear.


The good thing about street style is that it does not need a lot of structuring. Just think about casual fashion and everyday wear articles and pair them up with unusual combinations that sit on your frame easily, and you are good to go. This is one fashion statement where the accent is on being comfortable and at home with your memories of an earlier and often happier time.

Author bio: June Jones is a fashion designer who also writes regularly for a leading lifestyle magazine. One of her recent creations of a western pyjama teamed with a hand-embroidered Indian kurta created waves among fashionistas when it was worn by a prominent Indian actress.


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