Techniques for Permanent Hair Extensions

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Permanent hair extensions can be one option which people can choose when they want to get longer hair instantly. It takes very long time for people growing their hair naturally. Wearing wig sometimes will make them look unnatural. That is why people consider using hair extensions. They can find the hair extension for occasional use only but some people choose the permanent one for their hair extension. They have to understand the difference of available hair extension options to make sure that they can choose the best option for them. If people are considering the permanent hair extension, there are two techniques which are available including weaving and fusion. will let us to learn more about these techniques and tips online. Lets read the below tips about Permanent Hair Extensions and Its Benefits.

Weaving for Permanent Hair Extensions

If people want to get permanent hair extension, the first technique which can be considered is weaving. However, this technique can only be done by the professional. Pre wefted hair will be used by the weave artist. This technique can be used on the full head so the natural hair will not be shown at all. It can also be used for adding the natural hair length as well as fullness. There are two options of wefted hair which can be used for permanent hair extension. People can find the machine made products. It means that there will be extension bundle which has been wefted or sewn. The sewing machine with triple head will be used for processing the bulk or loose hair. There is also hand wefted hair. It means that human hand will be used for tying the individual strand of hair for making the secure weft. The hand made one will be very strong but the result is thinner than the machine one.


The next technique which can be used for permanent hair extension is fusion technique. It means technique of bonding using the fusion hair extension with individual strand. Hot tool which is specified for this work is used for softening the keratin tip which is prebonded so it can fuse to the client’s hair section. This technique is considered as permanent hair extension because the result will last long. The bonds from this technique will be removed and then reinstalled in 2-3 months. People can find different fusion hair extension options. The first one is flat tip, v-tip, or nail tip hair extension which becomes the most common choice. There is also shrinkable tubing one. I tip fusion hair extension which comes with heat sensitive tubes is used for getting permanent hair extensions.


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