The Benefits of Compression Workout Garments


In the past, many gyms served men and women who arrived in baggy clothing, often fabricated with thick warm thread such as wool to induce sweating during the workout. However, this trend is no longer something that you see often and compression garments are quickly taking over in the health and fitness scene. This is because people are beginning to notice that comfort is not always necessarily the priority in regards to working out and baggy clothing may be adding to the pain of muscle soreness after a workout.

Compression garments such as those sold by Skins offer a wide variety of benefits beyond simply looking good and feeling comfortable. These garments reduce soreness in the muscles after a hard workout, which can make exercising significantly more enjoyable for a person of any fitness level. Whether you are just starting out or in the late stages of training for a marathon, compression garments may help you in a number of ways throughout your time in the gym.


Applying a balanced surface pressure across specific body parts will trigger an increase of oxygen to the muscle groups and will accelerate blood flow. The circulation improvements throughout the body will help to reduce the buildup of lactic acid and a number of other metabolic wastes, thus reducing that burning pain felt whenever a muscle is worked out too hard and too long. The combination of such effects should allow you to work out harder and longer with minimal discomfort all around.


Another benefit is that the fabric used for these garments can wick moisture away from the body during a workout, keeping you cooler during the summer and warmer in winter. As an additional advantage, these may even help to reduce the chance of developing “jock itch” or a painful discolouration often found in the armpits, which is a fungal infection brought on by excessive sweat. The ability to reduce the amount of sweat building up around your body will also reduce body odour, which will make you a bit more pleasant to be around immediately following a workout.


Generally speaking, black is the most desired option for both tops and tights in this material but there are other choices. To make the process of getting ready for the gym quicker, black is often the better option because it will allow you to match any other additional items without worry and make getting ready faster and easier. After all, you plan to sweat and push your body in these garments and the focus should be on function rather than appearance.

That said, compression garments look stunning as it is the nature of the design for the material to hug your body and accentuate its shape. As you lose weight and become fitter, it should quickly become apparent as you reduce the size of your compression garments. There are few things more motivating when you are working out than to see your hard work pay off over time using these garments as a guide


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