The Biggest Signs That You Are Ready for Engagement


Some people wait months longer than they should to “pop the question,” simply because they question whether or not they are truly ready for that type of commitment. After all, many marriages continue to end in divorce, and it is important to know for sure that you are ready to spend a lifetime with the person you love. Fortunately, there are many signs that can help you make the best decision for your situation and ensure that the rest of your life is magical with the person you love by your side.

The Next Step

Take a good look at your relationship as it is right now, and ask yourself if you are considering marriage simply because you believe it will fix one or more issues with your current situation. If you are confident in the person you love, enjoy a great connection with them, and appreciate their friends, work, and social life, it is likely already time to ask the big question. Marriage is often the next logical step at a certain point, and it can help to know that you are comfortable and confident in the life that you share and will share with your significant other.


You do not need to be all set up with a perfect long-term career to get married, although this can certainly make things easier. However, it is essential that you and your significant other be on the same page in regard to how you plan to fund your present and future together as a team. Purchasing a ring is part of this, and Page Fine Jewellery is one company that can help you choose the perfect ring without pushing you too far out of your budget.

Finding the perfect ring can be difficult without having a bit of a guide, but it can certainly be done, and taking great care to factor your current finances, the taste of the person you love, and the circumstances around the union into account will ease the process of finding a ring. Remember, the person you love is more likely to be thrilled that you took the time to find a ring suited to their personality and tastes than they are to actually care about how many months of salary were put into the purchase.


It is not enough that you and your significant other choose not to be with others when you are together in a relationship. If you find that you are completely uninterested in others compared to the person you love, it may be time to contact Page Fine Jewellery to look through engagement rings in Newmarket. Whether you live in Newmarket right now or plan to move there after the wedding with your new spouse, having the jewellery company right there will make the process of choosing a great ring easier.

Once you know that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with a person, it is time to consider asking the big question. It is perfectly acceptable to remain engaged for a year or longer, so do not worry if you feel that you are not quite ready for the wedding day to happen this year. After all, an engagement should be a promise of everything that is to come and not the start of a race to the altar.



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