The need of Testosterone in the form of Sustanon


Our body is made up of many elements and organs which need regular inflow of nutrients and proteins to function appropriately. There are a few things that are needed such as testosterone to build the body from the regular wear and tear. Testosterone also has variants in it which work differently for different organs. But when do you feel the need to take testosterone orally or artificially? This is a question which should be answered for a better understanding of the term testosterone. For those who know about testosterone, it is mainly used by body builders to get a great body shape and is also used in treating hypogonadism. There are four variants of esterified testosterone.

About Sustanon

Sustanon is a supplement which is used for increasing the testosterone levels in the body. It is easily available with a prescription in the United States along with UK and some more countries. The reason it is not available without a prescription is due to its ingredients which may cause harm to many if not suited or taken as prescribed. The four variants of esterified testosterone are as given below:

  • Decanoate
  • Isocaproate
  • Phenylpropionate
  • Propionate

The reason to add so many kinds or variants of testosterone in one drug is simple. It gives a great result in the body as it stays for a longer period than the normal drug does. The four esters help the drug to show immediate results and many benefits associated with it. All these help the dosage to reduce due to the long effect in the body. It also helps in Hormone Replacement Therapy which is very crucial medically.

Sustanon has been preferred by bodybuilders and athletes as it has a great effect on the human body. The injectable form of Sustanon is not recommended by medical practitioners as it can be misused or abused in many ways. Moreover, using Sustanon in any form can be illegal and have adverse effects legally on the person consuming them. The reason that Sustanon injection is applied to men if they are on the lower end of a range of testosterone levels or have a low quality of life. The extreme cases of low levels can lead to erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalances and infertility as well. All these things are related to the metabolic condition of the body and can be harmful in the long run.

Testosterones are powerful substances which can affect the current structure of the body and interfere in the daily functioning to give you negative effects. Therefore, it should be discussed with your medical practitioner before you consume it. This is also the reason that Sustanon cannot be sold without any prescriptions. It ensures that your body is not affected in any possible ways and that you will be in continuous supervision of a medical practitioner who knows the in and out of Sustanon. It is wrong to approach illegal sources of Sustanon sellers as it can be a fake one and affect your body even more.


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