The perfect guide for fit and feel of bridesmaid dresses


The wedding is not just a function but, it is the journey and memory of a lifetime. That’s why it is really important to plan everything so well and nothing gonna ruin your lifetime memory. When you are stepping into the new journey, it is good to have your bridesmaid by your side. They will support you, make you feel happy and confident as well as add fun in your wedding.

When your bridesmaid does so much for you then, you should choose the right bridesmaid dresses for them so that it will increase your bond and fill lots of love. It depends on your budget whether you choose expensive or cheap bridesmaid dresses If you are low in the budget then, JJsHouse is one of the stores that give the best quality product at affordable rates as well as they have lots of variety. But, you need some measurement which will help you choose the best fit and feel,

So, here are some guides which will help you with this:

  • Waist:

It is also good to know the waistline of your entire bridesmaid. To get the right measure of the waistline, remember that it is the two inches above your belly button. But, sometimes the size varies from person to person. Do not try to get the measure so tight because the size at the time of the wedding can be changed.

  • Bust:

As we know, the size of the bust is also different. When you choose the dress, remember this, the bust size of the women is different from the bra size. Actually, it is the size of the fullest part of the chest. Do not pull the measuring tap as tight as it will change the actual size of your bust.

  • Hips:

When we shop for the dresses do not go with the size of your pants. Hip measurement changes for bridal wear. Take the measurement of the fullest part of the hip. Remember to pull taught not tight while taking the size of the hip. The dresses will look little odd if it is too tight or loose from the hip portion.

  • Sleeves:

If you are doing your wedding in winter then, it is good to go for the long sleeves. For longer sleeves, the size should be proper. Like every other part of the body, the size of the hands is also varying women to women.

  • What is the perfect fit?

You can see many types of body and sometimes it is really tricky to get the right side of the body. In that situation, we will suggest you ask your bridesmaid about their exact size so that they can feel comfortable and walk with the utmost confidentiality.

So, let’s try JJsHouse design and style as it will add extra charm in your wedding day. The company is very popular for delivering the good quality clothes for brides and bridesmaid both. You can’t take help from the stylist available at the store to avoid any complication after delivery of the dresses,


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