These 4 myths prove that gender bias is definitely not cool


We all live in a male-dominated society where men and women are given character and gender bias classes form childhood. When a girl tires to play with her brother’s machine gun, she is said to drop that as that is manly and she has to behave like a good woman. The fight between a man and a woman would end with the end of the world itself but there are lot more things which we all have taken up very seriously and kept the gender bias alive. Do you all know that in ancient times in India, a woman character in a play used to be played by men and then one fine day, Noti Binodini entered into acting and every myth just changed? There are many such myths which are derogatory and you should know the truth beyond that.

Who said pink is for girls?

Pastels came in the market only in 1918 and before that mostly whites were used. So in 1918, when colors came in use, a retail trade publication laid down the fact that as pink is a stronger color it would go for the guys and as blue is a delicate color it would suit the girls. Seems like people need to get back to the basics of colors again. So, this time you can select a blue colored kurti or salwar as a gift for wife’s birthday because blue is the new pink.

High Heels for Arjun Kapoor or Kareena Kappor?

In the above interrogative phrase, Arjun Kapoor means guys and Kareena Kapoor means girls. High heels is a famous Punjabi song glorifying the dance moves of a woman clad in a high heels shoe. But this piece of news may startle you that high heels were initially made for Persia soldiers. To aid them in riding the horseback, this amount of heels was necessary. But since the time women adopted this high heel shoes, it somehow became contaminated for men.

Yes men also cried…….once upon a time

In today’s age of brutality, we have assumed one thing that men can never cry. There’s a famous movie of Hillary Swank named “Boy’s don’t cry”. The society have adopted this myth that men can never cry and if a man cries he is not considered a man. Crying has always been associated with girls. If stoicism is the matter, women are better in that genre because they take care of the family including the brooding men. If “I don’t cry” was a virtue of being a man, why Odysseus cries throughout the Iliad? So, its juts a modern day myth that men cannot cry. In 18th century it was expected to cry I theaters and in case someone doesn’t cry, he was tainted to be a “low class boor”.

Lace are also a men thing

In 18th century men’s clothes, there was huge use of laces but as that fashion died in 19th century, you can easily see laces only on women only. So, actually it is not a myth that laces are to be synonymous with girls.

I hope you had a good read and would look out for better birthday gifts for wife, sister, or girlfriend and they can be a bit so called “manly”.


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