This Wedding Season Go Designer


It’s summer and it’s almost time for the wedding season to hit. There is little time to plan anymore and you need to get your wedding dresses ready. Probably it is your brother’s wedding or your sister’s or may be someone in your family. Whosoever it is, this is the perfect opportunity to turn the heads after months of going on the special diet and what better than to go with the perfect traditional wear?

Most of us remain really confused about what to wear during the wedding celebration. While there are quite a few western wear available, there is nothing like the traditional wear for this particular occasion. a look at the traditional designer dresses for celebrities will probably give you a better idea.

If you are active on the social media and use the photo sharing apps like Instagram and Pinterest, you will probably have come across some of the pictures of Kanika Kapoor dresses . The bridal wears are so amazing and gorgeous that they are hard not to notice. Well, you might not be going for a complete bridal weal, but selecting a dress just shy of that style is the perfect pick for the wedding season.

The top pick, if we are going by the trends and also according to the featured traditional designer dresses for celebrities, is the lehenga choli. This traditional dress is hard to beat in any occasion. The class and gorgeousness of this particular dress makes it a “must have” for the upcoming wedding season.

If you wish to go a bit funkier and lehenga choli just isn’t too attractive for you, consider pairing up the kurti with the patiala pants. There are many more bottom wears to decide from like the harem pants, palazzos and wide leg pants. They make a fine pair with the Indian traditional wear. It is also perfect for someone young and active.

However, when we as “Dabiri Couture” are speaking of traditional designer dresses for celebrities we can never miss out on the most beautiful and elegant of all the traditional dresses, the sarees. Sarees come in all forms and there is hardly any other traditional attire that has been able to combine class, style and sensuousness into one package like saree does. There are numerous ways you can drape it and depending upon the style you are following there is even more variations in which you will be able to dress up finally. The blouse itself has a number of varieties and depending upon your preferences and choices you can check out the various designer blouses as well.

Traditional wear is never complete without the perfect jewelry. Indian jewelry designs are quite popular across the world and yet again, you have got plenty of options to choose from. While the costliest ones will be among gold and diamond, if you are not aiming for such a high range then the costume jewelry collection will not disappoint you either. There are oxidized metal jewelries too that you can check out. And, the pearls are probably perfect for any traditional attire.

So, plan and get your wedding attire finalized before the season begins.


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