Tiny Camera Provides Peace of Mind


Security is on everyone’s mind these days. Every home and office is a potential target for home intrusions, theft, kidnapping, and more.

Lots of people feel nervous, and that has led to a bustling marketplace of security products and services. It’s not hard to spend $1,000 or more every month on sensors to monitor your home or business.

That’s where Xiaomi’s Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera comes in. This inexpensive little camera can be mounted wherever you like, where it will monitor its surroundings, sending alerts and still images to you by cell-phone if it senses a disturbance. These little cameras are inexpensive enough to place throughout your home or business, where they will provide a reassuring blanket of security monitoring.

Smaller Is Better

The tiny XiaoMi XiaoFang Camera is encased in a two-inch cube and weighs just 3.5 ounces. It’s magnetic, so you can easily mount it against any metal appliance or surface. It can also sit on a shelf or be attached to the wall with tape. The small size means you can mount it unobtrusively to monitor conditions in any room.

How It Works

The Xiaomi 1080P employs both a visual motion sensor and a noise detector to monitor its environment. Once the detector is tripped, the camera begins snapping still photos. The photographs are transmitted via Wi-Fi to your cell phone, where a Xiaomi app triggers an alert so you can check out what’s going on.

Motion sensors are common in security cameras. The noise detector is rare in cameras this small and inexpensive. It’s a great feature because it can alert you to a smoke alarm or other sounds while you are away from your home or office.

Alternately, the camera can be instructed to record video. This requires the insertion of a micro SD card, which can hold up to 64GB of still images and video. The SD card is not included in the camera’s purchase price. Video is stored on the SD card and not transmitted to your phone.

Advanced Features

Several features differentiate this clever product from other security cameras. In addition to the small size and innovative cell-phone app, the camera operates in full HD mode, producing photos with 1080p resolution. That means the photos are sharp and show excellent detail.

The camera also employs an automatic infrared filter and fill-light LED in low-light conditions, allowing it to record sharp, clear images even in dimly lit rooms. This is handy if you’re using the camera as a baby monitor, for instance.

Two-Way Communication

In addition to the microphone that allows the camera to sense noise in its surroundings, there’s also a small speaker. That lets you, from your cell phone, broadcast your voice through the camera, no matter where it is located in the world. If you’re using the camera to secure a front gate or doorway, you might use this feature to talk with a visitor to ensure it’s someone you want to allow inside.


The Xiaomo Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera is an inexpensive solution to a common security problem. The product has several innovative features that make it competitive with security systems costing much more.

The lack of an internal battery is a disadvantage. The camera relies upon an external power source that is plugged in via a Micro USB port. That’s fine if the camera is located on the desk next to your laptop, but it could be a problem if you’re mounting it on the wall. Xiaomo recommends a small external power supply that is sold separately.

The app that runs on your mobile device works with iOS or Android. Curiously, when you set up the app you must tell it that your location is within China, where the camera is manufactured. This is not a great inconvenience but it is a rough edge that should be polished in future updates of the software.

All in all, the Xiaomo 1080P is a terrific low-cost Home security solution.

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