Top Tips to Travel Light and Look Stylish


Sometimes travelling can make it difficult for us to always look stylish and feel good about our choice of wardrobe. Between trying to be comfortable on the flight, to not being able to pack as much as we like, sometimes our fashion sense can suffer while on holiday, but it doesn’t have to. If you plan carefully and take the time to strategise your wardrobe, you will always be fashionable and trendy no matter where your travels take you.

     Let’s take a look at some useful tips that will help us look our stylish best whether we are travelling for work, on holiday or just for the adventure.

4 Tips to Travel Light and Look Stylish

Pack Using The 3 Colour Rule- the 3 colour rule has been used by fashion designers, models and anyone who wants to look their best while travelling the world. The concept is simple, just choose pieces in 3 matching colours, which can then be mixed or matched to create a wide range of outfits for different days or occasions. Choosing colours based on your destination will ensure that you are always in style and that you look your very best in every holiday photograph. Something as simple as a beautiful cotton maxi dress which can be as casual or dressy as you like is the perfect choice for a warm climate holiday.

Pack A Stylish, Flexible Outfit- pack at least one outfit that combines stylish elegance with the flexibility to be worn just about anywhere. It shouldn’t be too bulky, but it should be sophisticated enough for most evening events.

Pack No More Than 3 Pair Of Shoes- you might be scoffing at this one, but packing only 3 pair of shoes will give you extra space for more outfits. Which 3 do you choose? Depending on your destination, you should bring along a pair of trainers, comfortable daytime shoes and something more elegant, yet casual such as heeled sandals or low boots for the evening.

The Proper Accessories Can Make The Look- be sure to pack coordinating accessories as these will make any look more stylish and interesting. An elegant stole or a chunky necklace can give you a more polished, elegant look that is perfect for evening or any time.

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