Various Models of Shoes that are Trend in 2017


In this increasingly modern era, a lot of choice of various models of sandals that are designed with uniqueness that has its own charm when wearing it. For example, like flip-flops Bali, or hotel slippers that is currently becoming a trend among young people.

Shoes is one of the complementary fashion accessories that are closely related to our needs, be it children, adults or men. Whether in a casual event or when going to work or school. However, specifically at this meeting we will discuss various models of “sepatu wanita branded 2017”, ranging from local or international brands, consider some of the following models:

  • Statement Heels

Type shoes statement heels have a characteristic of the motifs, colors and ornaments tend to be attractive so it is very interesting. The flexible model of this shoe fits in wear either during a party or other leisure activities.

  • Pump Shoes

Characteristic of pump shoes is in the design entitled high and rounded on the front. Suitable for attending formal events such as weddings, with these shoes you will look more feminine and charming.

  • Peep Toe

Peep toe has a special characteristic that is, the front is open so make your toes partially visible and unique behind the shoe is in a closed design. Peep toe is in high-design design with a wide selection of sizes, colors and materials, which you can use for a variety of formal or informal activities.

  • Angkle Strap Shoes

Angkle strap has a strap like a strap or belt around the ankle. Which is enabled to tighten as well as sweeten your ankle. the design of the back is closed, and the side is open.

Of the many shoe models that are present today, make sure you must be able to adjust it to your needs and body shape. Do not just stick with the trend and the design of shoes, which will just torture yourself. Although it looks charming and elegant is important, but do not forget to give priority to comfort in buying and choosing shoes to wear in certain situations. We recommend that before buying shoes, you first notice the material and size of the shoes you choose to avoid foot injuries and discomfort when walking. Make sure the selected shoes are made of soft material so that your feet are not too tired when walking and also has a cool material for rotation of air circulation in the shoe. In addition, it is better not to use shoes that are too fit in the foot to allow extra space for the movement of the feet more freely for comfort.

Happy shopping! And thank you!


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