Waterproof electric razor offers a refreshing and comfortable shaving experience


Modern electrical and electronic gadgets continue to transform our lives and make it comfortable. There is a long list of such gadgets like smart-phones, laptop, tablets, microwave ovens etc. An electric shaver is another gadget that has completely changed the way your shave your beard. As the design and features of electric shavers continue to improve, electric shavers are being preferred over traditional safety razors. Electric Shavers are available in hundreds of designs and models from numerous brands. It is very important to choose the right shaver that can provide you quick and comfortable shaving experience in your budget. Most of the modern shavers come as Waterproof Electric Shavers that enables the users to shave with complete freedom without worrying about exposure to water.

Choosing between Rotary Blade and Foil Electric Shavers

Rotary Shavers come with fine circular cutters usually in a set of three forming a sort of triangle. You need to move the blades of the shaver on the surface of your face in the circular motion. They are usually smoother and more comfortable on your skin as compared to the Foil Electric Shavers.

Foil Electric Shavers are the next generation of waterproof electric razor that are known to provide better shaving in terms of fine and finished shaving. Unlike Rotary Shavers, they have a very small set of blades under the foil. These blades vibrate and allow you to move the razor across your face to get the desired shaving. These are a bit harsh on your face as compared to rotary shavers but more popular because you can get achieve stylish shaving patterns easily with a Foil Electric Shaver.

Waterproof Electric Shavers can be safely used on wet face

Some people experience problems like skin irritation while using Electric Shavers. There are can be several possible reasons for this problem including sensitive skin, dry surface of the skin etc. Electric shavers do not require any application of shaving cream, foam or water. Some people can experience skin irritation after the first few shaves using Electric Shaver. However, you can now get a Waterproof Electric Shaver that can be used on a wet surface with lesser skin irritation. You can also apply pre-electric shaving oil before shaving for a comfortable shaving experience.

Electric Shavers are not only safer and lesser time to consume as compared to traditional razor but also help you get a stunning look with minimum efforts at your home. It takes a lot of expertise and cares to get those complicated styles with a traditional waterproof electric razor but an Electric Shaver is very easy to use even for the inexperienced new shavers. If you have a sensitive skin, it is strongly recommended to go for a waterproof electric shaver that can be used under the shower. You can also use them with foaming gel to avoid common skin problems that may arise due to an electric shaver. The ultimate choice between the traditional waterproof electric razor and electric shaver ultimately rests to the end user. Some people are too used to the masculine feel that they get with the application of shaving foam to prefer an electric shaver over the traditional razor.


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