Ways to dress up if you are plus size.


So, what is the big deal about being plus size? You think fashion and trend are only for the skinny models? Then it is time you re-evaluate your statement and take a hard look at reality. It is time to see the revolution that is brought about in fashion with clothes that are designed primarily for plus size. Amidst a myriad of choices, you will feel lost and start to wonder what to pick and what to leave behind.

Now, is the time to fall in love with your body, your curves and the way you look. Go through this article, and you will see how fashion isn’t limited to sizes. It is time to start looking gorgeous and confident.

Who said not to wear white?

No, there shouldn’t be any more division. It is all about the fit, the look and the way one feels in an outfit. It can’t be summed up by a particular shade. Under no circumstances should you start believing that black makes you look thin and white doesn’t. It is the way you dress up which counts. It is always about the way you dress. Plus size women should opt for white or light shade jeans. Try to leave behind that material which is flimsy. You need thick material that will flatten your bumps and not put them on display.

Try retro.

If you have the perfect and die for an hourglass figure, then it is time to dress in a way that will help you look flattering. If you have the pear-shaped figure, then choose clothes that come with a little flare. Pick clothes that fit perfectly. Choose one that covers your curves and compliments them too.

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There is nothing better than a pair of tailored pants. They are just everything you want to look great. Now, is the time when cigarette pants are surfacing on the fashion industry. Pick out a tailor you can trust with your clothes. Go for ankle length cigarette trousers. Choose bold colours and match them with stilettos. You will make heads turn your way with your look.

What to flaunt? What to hide?

The question of how to dress up if you are overweight always keeps popping up. Try to pair your dark colour shirt with a belt on top. This is going to change the style of your ordinary, everyday shirt into trending, and also make your waist look smaller. You can always go for subtle prints and leave behind the large and loud ones.


Try to pick out clothes that stylishly wrap your body. Go ahead and pick the deep, V-shaped ones. If you want to look drop dead sexy for a party, then choose a wrap around a dress or a bodysuit. You can go for the ones that come with a bit of glitz and shine. Pair it with hoops and a choker. That’s it the magic you need will be created.

What do you need to know about stripes?

Fashion runs on the beauty that stripes bring to it. But, there are a few things one must remember before wearing them. Choose stripes that run diagonally. You can even go for the vertical ones. If you have horizontal stripes in mind, then it is time you put that dress, trousers or a shirt on before you make a decision. Does it make you look large? No? Then, it is time you bought it.

Pick up some shirts.

Fashion says that those ladies who have curves need to put on shirts more often. Shirts with button-down look great on women who are on the heavy side. You need to put on one that stretches and fits you. Like wrap, ruches or darts. Put on a tailored blazer or coat over it. This is going to create the illusion of your being a smaller size. You can buy a couple of shirts in monochrome or with some detailing. The choice is yours.

With the change in fashion and modernization, you have to dress up the way you want. Your size should never hold you back from looking beautiful. Follow this article and buy clothes that make you look fashionable and killer.


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