Wear Your “Chaco”Right for Heightened Comfort


Chaco is a renowned brand of footwear best known for its product line of Z-strap adjustable sandals.If you just bought a pair of trendy Chaco sandals, and you’re learning the right way to slip them on, you’re in the right place. It’s important to make sure your footwear is of the right size and fits you comfortably. Sometimes, it’s not just about the size or comfort, but about strapping your sandals on correctly.

You’ll find two different styles of Chaco sandals – the kind with a loop around the big toe, and those without the loop. Having said that, both stylescan define your comfort leveldepending on how you work the straps to sit just right on your feet.

You can either loosen the Chaco or tightenthem based on what meets your requirement. Count on us for effective tips to adjust your Chacos the right way.

Loosen your Chacos

If you want to loosen your Chacos, you will have to pull on the strap that feeds into the buckle. This strap sits near your ankle, right on top of your foot. If you pull the strap, and it crosses over your big toe, it’ll get loosen up. You can then pull it away from your second toe. If there’s no loop on the sandals, just skip this step. Now you can pull the strap to the inside arch of your foot, and push it around your heel by crossing it over your pinky toe. Pull away from your pinky toe, toward your arch to remove the Chaco.

Tighten your Chacos

If you want to tighten your Chacos, first you need to put them on. Now you’ll find that straps may be loose. You’ll have to tighten them now. Remember that no twists or kinks are there on the straps. The heel strap of your Chacos should be loose around your heel. If there’sa loop on top, just pull the toe loop tightly toward your second toe. The strap will get tight across your pinky toe up to your arch. Skip the step, if there’s no toe loop. If there’s a toe loop, then tug on the strap that crosses from your big toe down to your foot’s outside ball. This will tighten the Chacos around your feet.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a toe loop, you can simply tighten the strap that crosses your pinky toe to your feet’s inside arch. If you pull on the strap that feeds into the buckle, the sandal around the top of your foot gets tightened and now again pull it to finish tightening.To learn more about wearing your Chacos, visit http://outdoorzer.com/.

Follow these steps to adjust your Chacos the right way! Then you would feel comfortable all day long and have a perfect fit that’s not too tight. Walk in comfort!


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