Western Dresses: Get inspiration from Bollywood celebrities


The Indian film industry, namely Bollywood plays a very pivotal role in the lives of the people of this country. The influence of the movie industry on the common Indian is inevitable and quite noticeable at times. The clothes of the actresses on the silver screen inspires the diva in every woman, and they can’t help but wish to try the same style.

One can often find people trying to replicate trendsetting style statements by their favourite actors or actresses. The evidence is overwhelming when one sees a particular dress sported by a famous movie star being emulated by women all over the country.

Another apparent trend is women picking the same western clothes worn by Bollywood celebrities. But following the right star is important to stay ahead in the style scene as not all divas are style champions.

So if you need some recommendations, then here are a few tips on which stylish diva to follow:

Follow Deepika Padukone to look delightful:

Every girl wants to garner all the attention available around whenever she dresses for a party. So, when it comes to making an impression the best person you can take style tips from is Deepika Padukone who plays best as a party girl. All the dresses in Deepika’s movies are replete with a sassy design that is perfect for the glamorous party look. So when in doubt, take cues from Deepika’s Cocktail look.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for gorgeous gowns:

 If you are a fan of gowns and want to get some inspiration then you can follow the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She has worn some of the prettiest gowns on the screen that can impress anyone at first glance. The range of stylish and elegant dresses worn by the diva will help you in picking the best evening gowns.


Kangana Ranaut for a quirky style:

If you are one of those who loves unconventional dressing then Kangana Ranaut is the best person to follow as she has an impressive and quirky style of dressing. Be it the mix of skirts or dresses, the Queen actor knows how to dress up perfectly for a party. So next time you have a party coming up, you can get the style guides of Kangana and try them for sure.

Anushka Sharma for casual wear:

If you want some ideas on casual dresses then Anushka Sharma is the best style resort. She has been spotted wearing some of the most amusing dresses that win heart at first glance. Right from gowns to short dresses to rompers, she has some amazing dressing sense that will inspire any budding fashionistas.

Take cue from Alia Bhatt for contemporary dressing:

Alia Bhatt is a bundle of cuteness, and when it comes to dressing, she is a style diva. She has made some fabulous red carpet appearances where her outfits were mind blowing. She has a peculiar style of dressing that is loved by a lot of girls. Her clothes in most of her movies are just perfect for teenage girls which make her a style icon.


You can get outfits that resemble the style of the stars in your wardrobe and try them as per the occasion. It is not difficult to find replicas of the clothes worn by celebrities, and you can also get the same dress stars wear in the movies. But better still emulate the style sense of the Bollywood divas by improvising your personal inputs. So go ahead, pick up a modern style and try it out.


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