What Basics of Massage are Pertinent for Young Girls?


Do foundation and eye shadows interest you more than a regular TV sitcom? If yes, probably you are like millions of girls who love makeup. Nonetheless, you would be required to have a diploma being a Massage Therapist for providing various kinds of massages and facial make-ups. If you want to learn massage in a detailed manner, you would be required to take a professional course. Being a Massage Therapist as well would add to your Beauty Therapist list of skills. Before you go for that, here are some fun hacks.

  1. Done with lackluster and lesser pigmented eye shadows and lipsticks? Well, your white kohl or eyeliner pencil can come handy! Yes, you can use a white pencil to add a base to your lips or eyes as desired, which will help in popping up even the sheer shades.
  1. We all have come across days when our favorite mascara has dried out, and probably another one just isn’t around. Fret not, as your lens solution can work wonders. Just add a few drops of saline solution, and your mascara is good to go for another couple of days.
  1. Many girls do have pigmented lips, and they probably know the pain of not getting an opaque look with sheer glosses and lipsticks. You can do a simple hack with sheer lose powder. Place a tissue on your lips and dab some translucent power on top of it. This will just dust the lips and give you a complete coverage without many swipes.
  1. We all have at least one or two loose pigments in the closet, and if you don’t, you should definitely invest in a couple of bright or gold colors. Pigments can be mixed with petroleum jelly to create a few new lip color, while you can also mix them with makeup water or thermal sprays for creating an eye look. Pink pigments with no shimmer work great for blushes too.
  1. Finally, concealer is your best friend if you have dark circles. The best way to use a concealer is to blend it using a blender, and once you are done, you need to use some loose powder to set the areas, to avoid any creasing. Concealers are best used in inverted triangles below the eye.

Hope you had a blast with these make up hacks. Keep trying and find your own cheat sheet!


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