What Makes Therapeutic Massage in Richmond VA Different from Other Massage Techniques


Massage therapy has a role to play in promoting wellbeing. It helps relieve tension and stress. It works great for people struggling with chronic stress and improves the quality of your life. However, you need to keep in mind that there are different types of massage options available in spas and massage centers and they are all geared towards different people. You can always get a relaxation massage to reduce stress, but it will never help you deal with chronic pain and other issues. This is when you will have to opt for therapeutic massage in Richmond VA.

Therapeutic massage actually indicates many different things. However, as implied by the name, the main purpose of the massage is to get therapeutic benefits. It also means that it is will not be like a relaxation massage where the focus is to relax your nerves and help you feel rested.  Similarly, it is not exactly the same as Swedish massage, which is more of a superficial massage used to improve lymph and blood circulation. By improving blood circulation, it helps relaxes your mind and body, but it does nothing more than that.

In certain cases, therapeutic massage refers to such type of massage therapy in which both the client and therapist have the same goal of making structural changes to your body. This usually requires a series of regular massages. A relaxation massage or Swedish massage does not affect or change the underlying structures of the body, which is what separates therapeutic massage from other massage therapies.

A deep-tissue uses deeper pressure to produce results. It also involves using cross-fiber friction to treat spasms and other muscular problems. It may be therapeutic in nature because it improves pain, but you may be getting it in a resort setting, which means you may not be seeing the same therapist, whereas a massage for strictly therapeutic reasons would require several sessions.

What it implies is that a therapeutic massage is the one where you talk to a therapist and share your specific concerns and they focus on treating that problem only. You may have hip pain, a spasm in your lower back, or tight shoulders. They will listen to your problems and then determine a plan to help eradicate those issues.

It is important to work with a certified massage therapist to get therapeutic massage in Richmond VA. Only an experienced therapist can understand your unique problems and work in a systemic way. They listen to you and then proceed only after assessing your current condition. They will also ask you about your pain and for how long you have been experiencing it. They will observe you closely to determine how you move and how good your range of motion is.

Once they have examined you carefully, only they are they going to come up with a massage plan. They may propose a full-body massage or focus on the area of complaint only. So, be sure to take your time and only work with a licensed and experienced massage therapist.



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