When Is The Best Time To Wear A Casual Suit


We can all agree that men’s suits are not an inexpensive investment.  After buying a suit, it would be unwise to not wear it as often as possible.  True, suits are traditionally thought of as formalwear.  However, with one or two accessory tweaks you can break out your suit for more than just the occasional wedding or special event.  Today’s suit has become the versatile wardrobe staple and your look and style are only limited by your imagination.

Summers are the perfect time of the year to dress down a suit.  The warmer days allow you to be more experimental with a suit.  You can wear them as singular pieces and still look great.  These days’ suit pieces can be mixed and matched with other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

Once you get the idea that suits are no longer formalwear only, you will be able to play it down for any occasion.  Here are a few ideas on how you can dress down your suit but still stay stylish and sophisticated for any occasion.

Relax the suit with knitwear

You can lose the stuffy accessories that are normally associated with the office.  Forget the tie, cuff-links and tie pins.   A simple idea of opening up the shirt collar by one button is the easiest method to give the suit a more relaxed look.  Also, swapping out the usual shirt with knitwear or a cardigan will give the great men’s casual suit look.  The layering of different textures and colors will make for an interesting touch.  During the summer months, ensure you choose lightweight sweaters or cardigans as the look you are going for is slimline.  Keep the suit color neutral and introduce patterns and colors with the knitwear.

Change the classic for trendy

Choosing to stick with a shirt does not mean the suit has to remain stuffy and formal.  Changing up your shirts will add a light touch and create the perfect men’s casual suit look.  These days, the classic white shirt can be exchanged for bold print, short sleeves,and colors.  You can also change up the material such as denim or chambray.

Keep it simple

There is no easier way of dressing down your suit than by matching it up with a plain structured T-shirt.  Men’s casual suits need no other accessory to make it stylish and casual.  Most men already have a few trusted basic T-shirts so no need to go out and invest in more.  With a T-shirt, you can add a bit of edge by choosing a great pair of sneakers or plimsolls.

Don’t neglect below

Modern-day men’s casual suits do not adhere to traditional shoewear either.  Boots are not an acceptable footwear for the dressed down look.  Nothing beats a sleek Chelsea boot for a classy and stylish dressed down suit.  Boots allow you to explore your inner rocker with a suit.

The modern men’s casual suit allow you to expressive yourself more at every occasion.  Now that more work places are embracing casual Friday, you can show some style and personality by changing up a few accessories for a great casual suit look.


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