Which Streetwear Hat are you?


If you love streetwear, the chances are you wear a hat. It all started with the fact that the brand fathers of streetwear were pretty much all skateboarders, BMX riders and surfers.

They were all outdoor people, who actually needed to wear a hat, if they did not want to end up with wind and sun damaged fuzz for hair. So, for them a hat was an essential, and had to be something that stayed on the head, which meant a baseball cap. Preferably, a snapback, or a strapback, so the hat could be adjusted to provide a snug fit.

Things have changed recently and now you get far more choice from most streetwear brands. Here is our round up of what is available for summer 2016.

Good old snapbacks

OK we know we said earlier that things have changed, but in reality there is no way the snapback is going anywhere fast. It looks too good, and is too functional, so it is here to stay, and is, therefore, the biggest seller in any streetwear collection.

There are hundreds of different versions available, this year. In the autumn expect to see smaller dad hat style versions hit the street.


If you want to look uber cool, the fedora is still a great option. There are a few of these iconic hats included in most collections.

For the summer, the rims have gotten smaller, but they are still a distinctive looking hat. The fedora is probably the best choice for the more sophisticated amongst you.

Bucket hats

The iconic skateboarder and surfers hat, the bucket hat, seems to have fallen out of favour a bit. They are still available, but there are far fewer around than this time last year.


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