Which watch for which outfit?


Even if nowadays people are just as likely to check the time on their mobile phone, a watch remains a fashion accessory very much appreciated by men and women alike and it helps that they have battery lives of months rather than days. Combining esthetics and practicality, a wristwatch is an element to consider in an outfit. But in practice, which watch goes best with which outfit? Let us find out!

The classic fashion

If you are not really trendy and don’t particularly want to draw attention to your watch, then you should opt for a classic and timeless model. Choose a watch with a rather thin and discreet wristband with neutral colors. The face can be square or round, preferably with moving hands, and the band should be made of leather or a subtle metal.

Simple and elegant, a classic watch will always show good taste and will avoid a faux pas.

The laid back style

For a more relaxed look, choose an urban watch with a universal design. It will go with all your outfits, uncomplicated.

Choose a model that is sufficiently neutral and elegant, preferably with a warm-colored leather band. A round face with hands would also be ideal as it brings more sobriety to the ensemble.

The chic style

For a more elegant and chic style, even glamorous, the watch becomes a piece of jewelry. More than a simple accessory on your wrist, the chic watch is a true extension of your outfit. Looks and esthetics come before the rest in this case.

According to your clothes, go for a thin or thicker band; with a round, square, oval or rectangular face; of a sober or more audacious tone to match your personality; with a metal, leather, or even wood band. You might be tempted by the beautiful Woodiful wood watches!  And you can even go as far as to match your chic watch to the rest of your accessories (jewels, handbag, cufflinks …) so as to wear the complete set!

The fashion look

If you are a true fashion fan, you will most likely prefer a fashion watch. Whether you prefer an analog or digital one, there is something for everyone! From the band to the face, to the hands or the number display, there is plenty of choice for you.

Vintage, futuristic, glamorous, high-tech, smart, sophisticated, relaxed, or retro: every day you can match your watch to your look. So, have fun!

The sportswear trend

Here, you would go for a more masculine and raw watch. This rather sporty-looking watch – with more distinct lines and an imposing size – is much more noticeable, even eye-catchy. Its thick band is generally made of leather, metal or enamel. As for the face, it is usually round with and digital sports watches tend to be more popular than a watch with hands, as this allows you to have an accurate stop watch too.

Very resistant, this type of watch does not go with every outfit.


No matter what the outfit and look of the day is, you can easily pick a watch that will suit your style!


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