Why a Lash Lift Is Worth Your Time

Lash Lift

Perhaps you’ve tried falsies (fake eyelash extensions you can apply yourself) or even professionally-applied eyelash extensions, but they’re just not cutting it for you. You want to keep the natural look of your lashes intact without adding anything artificial to your style. If that’s the case, a lash lift might be the perfect thing you’ve been looking for. Here are some reasons to give a lift a try.

They Enhance Your Real Lashes

Unlike falsies and extensions, an eyelash lift is usually described as a perm for your eyelashes, accentuating their natural curl in a process that can last six to eight weeks. You’ll never have to worry about the fake ones falling out or needing to apply mascara in the morning, as your new “perm” will keep your lashes around 24/7.

They’re All About Ease

The fuss of curling your eyelashes and applying mascara each morning (only to remove it each night) can take up more time than you want — that extra ten minutes of sleep is valuable, after all. Finding a salon you trust to get your lashes done in a single appointment will save you hassle and time every day. If you’re not sure where to look for one, just try googling places near you, like “eyelash lifting jacksonville beach fl.”

Appointments Fly By

An eyelash lift only lasts around twenty minutes, with ten to fifteen of those minutes dedicated to letting the gel set on your lashes (this will give them their semi-permanent curl). If you’re not sure what to expect from your first visit, don’t fret; salon staffs are usually friendly and willing to answer any questions before you get started.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to handle your eyelash curl or you want to give yourself some extra time in the morning, a lift can be the perfect solution for any type of eyelash. Once you find a professional you like, it’ll be even easier to go back to keep those lashes pristine.


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