Why Black Diamonds Are Growing In Popularity


Of course all women love diamonds, in particular the black diamonds. The popularity of the bold chic diamond has continuously increased among women.Although the popularity of these diamonds has increased dramatically in the past few years, they’re still much less common than their clear counterpart. This is for a number of reasons which will be explored deeper below. When looking for a diamond ring, you’ll definitely want to think about going for a darker diamond.


Celebrities absolutely love rare items especially jewelry and gems. They enjoy being able to get their hands on items that are unique. This is why celebrities are so attracted to dark diamonds. In the past, several famous individuals have been spotted sporting jewelry with dark-colored diamonds including Carmen Electra, Carrie Bradshaw, and Angelina Jolie. Celebrities just as any other enjoy expressing their distinctiveness through their accessories.

No Shine

While clear diamonds tend to be popular because of their shine, dark diamonds are much different. These diamonds will never produce a shine. Instead, dark diamonds rely on their outer beauty and uniqueness. Whenever you see one of these, it is very difficult to prevent yourself from asking questions or getting a closer look. This is true with everyone. These diamonds are quite the eye catcher and you’ll attract a lot of attention when wearing a piece of jewelry that contains one of these. This may or may not be something that you’re interested in, but it is definitely a possibility.


Let’s face it; people love being able to own something that others do not. If something is very rare, there are people who will go above and beyond to try and get their hands on it. This is especially true when it comes to diamonds that are dark in color. These diamonds are very rare. In fact, they’re only available in two locations throughout the world. To date they’ve only been found in the Central African Republic and Brazil. This type of rareness also increases the value of these diamonds.

More Significance

There are times when you just want to go against the grain. You may feel that sticking with the original game plan is boring and lacks creativity. If this is the case, you should definitely consider choosing something that is different and unique. This is exactly what you’re getting with dark diamonds. These can hold much more significance than regular diamonds.


At the end of the day, these diamonds are growing in popularity in part to their unique beauty. It is also true that they’re becoming more valuable because of those who have worn them. Either way, you will definitely have to begin considering dark diamonds, when purchasing jewelry for yourself or your significant other. Just be careful and understand that these diamonds are graded on an entirely different scale than regular diamonds.


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