Why Buy a Branded Diamond Ring


Diamond is a natural resource that doesn’t require any multiple processing to accomplish an end product. Many people think of buying a branded diamond ring with the same 4C’s just make no sense, it just a wastage. But it’s not, there are a number of benefits of buying a branded stone. You need to know about the branded diamond to understand the difference between a branded diamond and a brand that sells diamonds.

Let’s take a look at the difference.

You may be familiar with the fact that when you buy a brand, you generally paying a brand premium because of the value adding services and marketing of those brands. This pay is a part of a luxurious buying experience and the advertising campaigns. The luxury brands who sell diamonds focus on only two parameters, clarity and color rather than on cut.

But the branded diamonds, such as whiteflash diamonds is a particular line of diamonds from a brand that offers in terms of perfect cut parameters. In both cases, you’re paying for a brand but the branded diamonds don’t ask for a high brand premium.

Why are cut parameters necessary?

The cut quality of the diamond sets the difference in cut parameters between a branded diamond and a brand that sells diamonds. Brand qualifications for cut parameters add both the parameters including parameters and proportions for optical summary.

Cut parameters are also important because it’s a biggest source to hit the light performance of a diamond. Cut quality also determines the rarity of the diamond.

Wholesale and virtual diamonds

Non-branded diamonds or virtual diamonds are diamonds that simply listed online and that re not owned by the seller. These diamonds has many different vendors as a source. Local jewelers enlist their tangible inventory on online sites as a virtual diamonds. They are those items which are made up of older stones or poorly cut stone which are difficult to sell. And the wholesale diamonds are those diamonds that are offered directly from manufacturers.

All diamond manufacturers have a contract with retailers to stock them with diamonds cut to their brand’s qualifications. Because of this, most wholesale diamonds are poorer cut quality than the branded one.

Some retailers, such as whiteflash diamonds offer the A Cut Above, a premium product and also preserve their prices competing. Buying a wholesale or virtual diamond ring can save you money, but lacks with the best cut diamonds.


If you want to take insurance on your diamond, branded diamonds can offer a lot than a non-branded diamond. Make sure, during taking insurance your insurance policy is reflecting the facts that the diamonds you’re insuring is branded.

If you have virtual diamonds, your insurance company is more likely to replace it with something similar to it, which may disappoint you with the quality. If you’re insuring a branded diamond, your insurance company will have to replace your diamond with another from the same brand. This also makes the brand’s cut parameter important.

Value adding policies

If you’re buying a diamond online, go through their policies and choose the one that make more sense. Online shopping contains return policy, buy-back policy, trade-in policy, free shipping, and upgrade policy. It’s recommended to think about whether you want to upgrade your diamond, the length of return policy, and buy-back policy.


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