Summer time is meant to be a fun time when all the swimming pools and beaches are open for fun and games. One of the most important accessories that most ladies need to buy during the summer time is a perfectly fitting bikini. This sounds easy but could be more difficult than it sounds. To buy a bikini that would bring out the best of your figure and fit perfectly, there are many things to consider before spending all that money on a bikini.


Knowing your breast cup size is very important when picking a bikini top because there are many form factors and styles that are made with the cup size considered. You may not get a bikini top that would fit your breast perfectly but you can be sure that knowing how to select a bikini will help make it a better fit.

If you have a small cup size like the A sizes, consider selecting bikini tops that have a pad that can help you accentuate your cleavage area and give your chest some shape. There are tri-bra options of bikinis that will help give you some curves instead of plain tops or halter tops that could turn out an unflattering flat fit.

For medium-sized cups (B and C sizes), halter neck bikini tops are perfect for you. You can even decide to go with a bandeau style bikini if you are going on a beach vacation or holiday with friends or your partner.

For large cup sizes, from D and above, you should make sure that the bikini top you choose has an underwire for breast support. If you like more support and cover, you can decide to go with a high-neck style bikini top instead of a halter top.


Your skin color is important to your choice of bikini. If you are light-skinned, you’re better suited by dark color shades like purple, mustard and even burgundy. These create a beautiful contrast that will help you look even better. Pale skin complexions are best paired with black or deep tones like navy blue or Indigo. If you are tall, you could get a one-piece body suit to accentuate your long legs. High-cut bikini bottoms will also help make your legs appear even longer. High-bottoms also work well for short people too. Depending on your bust size, pick a bikini style that will complement your body.


If you are a lifeguard, the ideal perfect fit for you is a one-piece swimming suit that is in a plain color, perhaps the same as your crew colors. You might also need to add shorts because you may be required to meet people where some coverage is required. If you are on holiday with close friends or your partner, then you are more flexible in choice of bikini style.


As with most accessories shopping, you are better off buying your swimwear at specialized shops where they pay attention to the quality of the swimsuit and have unique pieces that will let you stand out whenever you’re at the swimming pool or beach. We highly recommend Melissajay swimwear range as they have maintained a high reputation for quality pieces over the years, all designed and manufactured to suit diverse body types. You also have the advantage of selecting your preferred swimwear from their fashion lines that have been crafted with simplicity and style in mind. With so many premium Italian non-allergic fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to look your best this summer.


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